Stop Pantry Moth & Weevils

100% Organic protection

✔Very simple to use & safe around your family
✔New Zealand made product from Hawkes Bay
✔Completely stops the life-cycle of weevils
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…How Does it WORK ?


Step 1: For the last time, clean all the weevils out of your pantry.


Step 2: Place an open jar of non-toxic No More Weevils in your pantry.


Step 3: Keep your cupboard closed at night time.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Your weevil problem will be solved,

or we refund your money back plus 20%*.

I live on Waiheke Island with an abundance of weevils and have used Biddy’s product for one year. It smells wonderful and I’ve not seen any sign of moths since… A fantastic product standing up to it’s promise.

Suellen Gifford

Group Manager/HR Manager, Andrea Moore

When we go away on riding trips we so often used to come back to a pantry full of ruined food. With the deterrent in the cupboard  we don’t have that problem anymore. I’d recommend No More Weevils to anyone who has the same issue – it’s awesome!

Tash Abraham

Homemaker & Horse Lover, Cambridge

Stop weevils spoiling your dry food

Take control of your pantry today