The Art of Buying from Ethical Companies

The Art of Buying from Ethical Companies

Have you ever worried that even though you’re buying from companies that label themselves organic or eco-friendly, they’re not really making an authentic effort?

We’ve been asked this question a lot when selling at La Cigale French Farmers Market in Parnell.

“How do I really know that this product is actually naturally made?”

The truth is that in many cases companies are only concerned with the bottom line….

Yes sometimes companies stumble across technologies that allow them to stick to their word, with very few negative side effects t their practice.

At No More Weevils we were lucky enough to fall into this slot. No More Weevils is an artisan-created product, made using the Alembic Still – a technology that allows us to provide you with a totally natural, yet effective, product.

The Alembic Still was the technology of choice for chemists up until the modern era, and there’s pictures of it below.

But when there’s to much information out there to make informed decisions on most companies, how are you supposed to decipher who are the good guys, and who are the bad?

The answer is that if you do your small bit and point out the indiscretions you see, the community will pick up on the issue and see it right.

Because of modern social media, blogging, and other viral technology, bad-business practice is being brought to the public’s attention. And palpable results are coming from the public attention. That means that now, more than ever, it is possible for you to determine how ethical and authentic a business is…

Malpractice or undesirable acts by companies are constantly blowing up across the world in social media. Think of cases like whale-hunting, or the dumping of sewage into the ocean by Cruise ships – which is just now starting to get international attention.

Or with smaller companies it is more important for people like yourself to know exactly what makes them tick, what causes they support, and whether or not their beliefs align with your own.

The rest of this blog is a first attempt at showing you how we at No More Weevils makes our products. We hope you enjoy it, and tell us what you like or don’t like.

The sequence below shows how we artisan distill No More Weevils, in the Tuki Tuki Valley of Hawkes Bay.

Step 1: Harvesting

A hydrosol is a steam extraction of plants. So first you pick the plants you want to extract.

All the ingredients for No More Weevils and our other hydrosols come from our spray free orchard.

When there isn’t enough on our property, we look to other spray free or organic orchards in the Tuki Tuki Valley.

harvesting herbs for distillation

Step 2: Load the Alembic Still

First you load the pot of the Alembic still with water.

Then you put the neck on the pot. Inside the neck goes all the plant cuttings.

The neck has a copper gauze under it, so plants won’t fall through into the pot below.

Finally you put top on the still, which attaches it to the condenser. Now you’re set to extract the goodness from your chosen plants.

alembic still

Step 3: Heat the Alembic Still

With a gas ring you heat the copper boiler, which in turn boils the water inside.

The boiling water soon starts putting out a lot of steam, and pressure builds which forces up through the plants above.

The pressurized steam passes through the plants, and extracts all the goodness from the plants.

Then your steam passes through the plants and into your attached condenser, which cools the steam into a liquid hydrosol.

Alembic still set up

And that’s it, you’re done!

You now have a hydrosol – a steam extraction from plants.

And steam extractions are our specialty. We provide pure plant extracts to benefit your life.

If you were to extract the goodness out of a favourite herb or flower, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook. We’d love to hear your opinion.

Hydrosols from No More Weevils


  1. I opened a bag flour in my pantry only to find it full of weevils 🙁 hence my purchase of No More Weevils, I was just about to clean my pantry out ready to install the product when I got your blog post! I’m looking forward to a moth/weevil free pantry 🙂

    • Hahaha happy to be of service Karen 🙂 Remember that your deterrent doesnt kill weevils, it deters them from your pantry. so if you see a few strays over the coming weeks it’s just some sneaky eggs hatching. Those larvae/moths will steer clear of your food from now on! 🙂


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