…How Does it WORK ?


Step 1: For the last time, clean all the weevils out of your pantry.


Step 2: Place an open jar of non-toxic No More Weevils in your pantry.


Step 3: Keep your cupboard closed at night time.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Never throw spoiled food away again.

Sick of weevils spoiling your dry food?

Take control of your pantry today

Non-Toxic to Weevils, People, and Pantry Moths?!

No More Weevils is made of leaf, bark and flower extracts that are safe for you, your family and your pets.

Our extracts are so non-toxic they don’t even kill weevils… but it works so well that there’s still a 120% guarantee* on every jar sold.

The NZ Environemntal Protection Agency has deemed our deterrent to be completely non-toxic to people if taken, so it’s safe simply sitting near your food.


Beating Weevils brings Vitality back to the Organic Bulk Bin 

You won’t find weevils or other bugs in supermarket food, because of the heavy chemical fumigation that all packaged food gets.

If you’re an organic buyer – like we are – you don’t have this luxury. The bulk bin at your local chemical-free food outlet is a lottery for weevils and their eggs.

It doesn’t matter how many times you clear the wormy food pest out, it returns and spreads through everything all over again.

Years of ruined food and wasted time led us to do something about it… And we’re stoked to be active participants in the maturing organic food industry with our world-first effective weevil deterrent.

Made with no chemicals – No polluting by-products

The deterrent is made with heat and water – in an Alembic Still.

Gather the organic ingredients – First Biddy picks the fresh plants & flowers from our property or our neighbours in the Tuki Tuki Valley, Hawkes Bay.

Put the ingredients in the still – The recipe took 3 years of development. Biddy puts the selection of plants & flowers into the copper boiler, and covers them with fresh aquifer water.

Apply Heat – The Alembic Still lid is put on, and heat is applied to the pot until the water temperature hits over 100 degrees.

Drink Tea – For the next hour Biddy watches the temperature closely, and monitors the hydrosol as it comes out of the Alembic Still

Package & send to you! – The product is made. Now we only have to put it in a container, and send it out on overnight delivery.


Your Food Weevil-Free, the Simple and Safe Way

We’re so excited that you’ll love this our world-first deterrent that we ask you to try it and if you’re unhappy tell us and we’ll refund you 120%*.

Remember that the NZ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given No More Weevils a non-toxic accreditation.

No More Weevils puts weevils into a “flight” state (fight or flight) so that they put all their energy into escaping your pantry.

Which means no more webbing and no more wasted food. Try it risk free and tell us how it works for you.

* 120% guarantee available once per credit card holder or household. Valid for two months from shipping date.

Sick of Weevils invading your home?


Try No More Weevils today

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