Anxiety & Stress Relieving Lemon Balm Spray

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Lemon balm has a long, long history of use for relieving the mind from stress and anxiety.

It has not been deeply studied in clinical trials.

However it is reported by many people to help with insomnia, and general anxiety and agitation.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety as an ongoing problem, then it is worth trying.

The ritual itself of spraying the gorgeous steam-extraction of the plant, will create a break in your mental pattern.

This steam extraction, otherwise known as a hydrosol or rose-water, is made by Biddy with plants grown on her soon-to-be-organic orchard.

The water in the bottle comes from the clean aquifer under her property. And the lemon balm is grown on wonderful, fertile soil.

If you try this product do get back to us. It is a recent creation -we have adopted an ancient recipe. And we haven’t had any reports back yet (you customers keep so darn quiet, speak up and make yourselves heard!)

As with all our other “additional” products, purchasing this hydrosol will not increase your shipping cost.

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