Stop Throwing Away Food Infested By Pantry Moth

“Pantry moth” = a.k.a = “Weevils”

Would you like to completely stop pantry moths spoiling all the food in your pantry? If so, then No More Weevils is for you!


Do you want to reduce the amount of chemicals you use in the home? Then stop mucking around and join the revolution in natural consumer products!


Presenting a world-first, unique product. Made in the Tuki Tuki Valley, Hawke’s Bay, by mother & son inventor combo Biddy & Johno Ormond. With a product so natural it won’t make your hair fall out!

“Well it’s just a huge relief to throw away all that infested food, and know you’ll never have to do it again. That’s progress, isn’t it?!” – Biddy Ormond, Inventor

Using a totally natural product, you can totally stop pantry moth (aka “weevils”) breeding in your dry food.


If you’re not sure it’ll work for you, try it out. Your purchase is protected by a 60 day guarantee.

What Others are Saying About No More Weevils

I live on Waiheke Island with an abundance of weevils and have used Biddy’s product for one year. It smells wonderful and I’ve not seen any sign of moths since… A fantastic product standing up to it’s promise.

Suellen Gifford

Group Manager/HR Manager, Andrea Moore

When we go away on riding trips we so often used to come back to a pantry full of ruined food. With the deterrent in the cupboard  we don’t have that problem anymore. I’d recommend No More Weevils to anyone who has the same issue – it’s awesome!

Tash Abraham

Horse Lover & Home Maker, Cambridge

RD10, Hastings, New Zealand
06 875 0215 | 021 267 7534

If You Have A Small Walk In Pantry, 3 Months Protection Starts at $29

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What You Receive With Each Purchase

Every purchase of the deterrent gets you protection for all the pantries, drawers and cupboards in your kitchen.

You will receive between three and six deterrents, depending on your purchase. If you want to know the details of these deterrents, read on!

The main, heavy hitting pantry moth eliminator you’re going to receive is a large and all-natural batch of pantry deterrent. Like it sounds, this is for protecting your main pantry.

When you receive this pantry deterrent, all you’re going to need to do is unwrap and put this enemy of the pantry moth in your pantry and you’ll be protected. For best results have some other non-essential recommendations for you, which are detailed further below.

Also in your purchase are small “drawer pad” deterrents. Like the pantry deterrent, how many you’ll receive depends on whether you buy a large or small bundle of deterrent at the checkout. Regardless of how many you buy, what you’re going to use these small draw pads to protect the rest of the places you have vulnerable food in your kitchen.

These small “drawer pad” deterrents are for you to target the small storage areas in your kitchen. Think places like food drawers (hence, “drawer pad”), small extra pantries (lucky you), or bread bins. Some folks are using these to protect birdseed bins, which is great.

For birdseed bins you’d tape these drawer pads to the underside of the lid and that would keep your birdseed safe from pantry moth.


All Natural Ingredients

The ingredients in No More Weevils are an all natural mix of essential oils and cedar wood chips. We’re EPA approved, and the EPA has deemed the product to be flammable, a skin irritant, and they also say you shouldn’t discard it in waterways. It’s a very low risk product to have around the house and near your food.

To you the deterrent will smell mildly of a sweet essential oil mix. To pantry moth the smell triggers an extreme flight (“fight or flight”) response. When they’re in the same space as the vapours of the oils, they’ll totally immobilized from colonizing. All they want to do is escape your pantry as quickly as possible. If they do manage to find their way out of your pantry, that’s where they’ll stay until eventually they perish through lack of food.

The natural deterrent is low-toxicity so it does not kill the pantry moth, but it’s extremely effective at deterring them. We’re so confident of it working for you that we’ll refund you more than your purchase price if it doesn’t. From the date of purchase, we give you 60 days to request your 120% refund on your purchase price. We invented this solution, and we know that it works so we’re willing to take that risk.

Are You Worried That Your Pantry Is Too Large For No More Weevils?

A purchase of the “normal walk-in pantry” size deterrent will completely protect a walk in pantry up to two steps deep. That’s from the pantry door, to the wall behind the cupboards.

A “normal walk-in pantry purchase” comes with pantry protection, and two small deterrents for drawers, small pantries or bird seed bins.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a pantry deeper than two steps, then choose our large pantry option at checkout. The “large pantry” option buys you twice the amount of deterrent than the smaller option. This option will fix large pantries.

And finally, i you’re concerned that your pantry may be too large for this deterrent, relax. If your pantry is in fact an entire walk in room we a large pantry trial will fix it. As long as you follow one of our recommendations – to keep your pantry door closed as much as possible. This will allow the deterrent can work harder for you. AND also, the large pantry option comes with FOUR draw pads. So scatter these draw pads around your huge pantry and your pantry moth will successfully be deterred.


A World First Invention of All-Natural Ingredients, Made in the Hawke’s Bay. It’ll Stop You Throwing Away Infested Food, Or You’ll Receive a 120% Guarantee on the Purchase Price.

Purchase Year-Round Protection And Receive A Discount

Because No More Weevils is a totally natural product, with no artificial preservatives, it lasts three months. That means if you want fight back against the persistent pantry moth pest all year round, you need more than one purchase.

If you want to never have to throw food away again, choose the “subscription” option to constantly be protected from infestation. When you purchase a subscription, you’ll automatically be sent a replacement deterrent every time you need it.

Our online checkout is hosted by New Zealand’s most used, and most trusted online payment gateway DPS Payment Express. It is super easy to use, and you’ll receive your order within two days. Subscriptions arrive every three months without you having to think about it.

Subscribe and save up to 35% off year around protection.

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How To Use This Low-Maintenance Pantry Moth Deterrent

This product provides a really easy way to stop pantry moth spoiling your food. Once you receive your deterrent all you have to do is open the tin and freshness seals, and plonk it down in your pantry and other places where your dry food is sitting.

We have a couple of recommendations about best practices, but they’re not always mission-critical for success.

The first recommendation is that you clean out your pantry of infestations. Why? Well because first of all it’s gross to have the larvae and their webs anywhere near your food. But the major reason is that this will help totally remove the pest from your pantry.

With your new deterrent placed in your pantry and cupboards the larave are going to escape. Where will they go? Well, they’re going to retreat into the seams in your cabinetry. The gross little white blighters are going to in many cases find their way into your wall cavities too, and once they’re in there they will spin cocoons (pupate) and lay dormant.

In in a future heat wave, those dormant cocoons are going to hatch into moths, and your kitchen will be full of them. Yes at this point No More Weevils will protect you, but bear in mind that those moths will be laying eggs and paving the way for future life-cycles anywhere you don’t have dterrent in place.

Our second recommendation is that you keep your pantry closed as much as possible. If your family struggles to do this during the day, don’t worry about it. Just try to keep it closed at night. If you can keep the pantry closed while you’re at work but not for the rest of the day, that’ll work too. It’s just important that there’s a period of four or five hours where the vapours can fill the cupboard and do their magic on the weevils.

And if vapours sounds dangerous to you, bear in mind that we are EPA approved product. The product has been declared as flammable, and a skin irritant. The vapours aren’t going to cause you harm, and after a little while humans can’t smell them anyway, so they’re not going to make your food taste any different either.

Are you concerned because you don’t have a pantry door? With a little luck we can still help you. If you have a small pantry that is not walk-in, then a normal pantry sized purchase will protect the space. And if your pantry is one step deep (to the wall behind the shelves) then a large pantry size purchase will protect it. Any larger and we can’t guarantee results though we would recommend you try it out and let us know how you go.

Breaking the Pantry Moth Life-Cycle In More Than Once Place

No More Weevils does two things to stop the pantry moth (aka weevil) succeeding in your pantry.

The first thing it does is stops the larvae colonizing. The larvae are those small maggot-looking white critters that fester in your food. Their form of “colonizing” is to spin those sticky, pasta grabbing webs throughout your food. The larvae eat and defecate all throughout the food they infest. Their sticky webs grow as the swarm grows and needs a warm and secure place to it’s spawn.

No More Weevils stops the larvae spinning those webs. It also decreases the amount of food an individual larvae will eat, and the size it will grow to. What?? How?!

The vapours of the product (which to you will smell like a flower garden) make the larvae think they’re under threat. This threat causes the larvae to enter a flight (“fight or flight”) state.

When in a fight or flight state pantry moth larvae will totally stop all efforts at colonization. The deterrent tells them it’s a dangerous place to build a colony, so they make their minds up to escape that particular bag or box of food.

When they get out of the food they were in, the larvae still find themselves under threat, so they continue to search the area for a safe place to colonize. This searching will drive them out of your food, and out of your pantry. A lot of the small larvae will perish before escaping. The large larvae will spin their cocoons (pupate) and lay dormant until they hatch. Which brings us to… the Moths!

No More Weevils will wreck the adult moths’s ability to find your food. And if they can’t find it, they can’t lay eggs on it. No eggs on your food means no larvae will hatch on it. This is the second way that the deterrent pulls the rug out from under the life-cycle of the persistent pantry moth.

In fact, a small miracle will happen when you first put the deterrent in your pantry, drawers or cupboards. All the moths will fly out of your pantry and away from the initial blast of the deterrent. And trust us, you’re going to enjoy flushing your pantry of the pesky moths.

But that won’t be the last of them – the moths are going to keep hatching because their cocoons will be hidden away in the cracks and crevices in and around your pantry. This is why we recommend you follow our recommendations, to get best results. We also recommend you relax about these few stragglers, because the deterrent will do away with them too.

Would You Like To Have No More Weevils?

A New Zealand Invention With All-Natural Ingredients

Thank you for reading about our product, and considering our all-natural pantry moth deterrent.

Biddy invented the product here in the Tuki Tuki Valley of Hawke’s Bay. Since then we’ve been creating more household solutions so get on our email newsletter to receive news of new products.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to call or email us. Biddy is available at, and Johno is available at 0212677534.

We have a lot of fun bringing these products to you, and hope you’ll enjoy the benefits we know to come from what we create.

Yours sincerely,

Biddy & Johno Ormond

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