General FAQs

I have a large pantry. Will No More Weevils work for me?

Yes it will! If your pantry is two steps deep a single tin of deterrent will work for you.

For pantries larger than this you will need two tins, so choose one of the two “Large Pantry” options in the checkout.

If you’re unsure, just purchase a single tin and if it doesn’t work we can send you a top up (free of charge) in a month or two 🙂


I live in a warm/cold climate. How long will one tin last?

No More Weevils will last three months in your pantry regardless of how warm or cold it is in your house.


What happens if I don’t clean out my pantry before using NMW?

If you don’t clear out your pantry your food will still be full of webbing and eggs.

However the weevils will not spread from the bags of food that they’re in. No new food will be spoiled.


How safe is No More Weevils?

The New Zealand Government Environmental Protection Agency has deemed No More Weevils as non-toxic .
You could drink No More Weevils and experience positive health benefits, though we in no way recommend this course of action.


Policy FAQs

How do I cancel my order?

No More Weevils will refund the full price of cancelled items plus shipping if they have not been sent by post yet.


I’m unhappy with the product, how do to receive my 120% guarantee?

No More Weevils’s 120% guarantee is applicable once to every household and/or credit card. Purchases of No More Weevils can be refunded no more than 60 days after the time of sale.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will refund 120% of the purchase price inclusive of GST.


Shipping FAQs

When will my No More Weevils arrive?

All orders are sent overnight shipping with Post Haste. We wait for money to clear before shipping, so expect your order within 3 days of ordering.

Post Haste do not work on weekends so if you order toward the end of the week, expect your order early the following week.


How will my tin of No More Weevils arrive?

Products are shipped by Post Haste courier direct to your door!


What should I do if I’m not going to be at home?

Your delivery will be left in your mailbox or at your doorstep. All deliveries to homes are marked “signature not required” so you don’t have to go to the post office to pick up missed items.


What happens if the goods are damaged when I open them up?

Please let us know asap and we’ll sort you out! 🙂


Will You Send No More Weevils to Australia, UK, Americas, etc, etc?

No More Weevils will soon be sold internationally. Currently we do not facilitate small shipments outside of New Zealand. All prices given on the website are in New Zealand dollars.


Security FAQs

Will you keep my personal information and credit card/bank data secure?

No More Weevils will not share or sell any of your personal information to third parties. No More Weevils uses a 3rd party payment processor Direct Payment Solutions Limited (DPS) for all credit card and bank transfer transactions. DPS are “committed to protecting your privacy as an Internet user whenever you buys goods or services from a merchant that uses payment express”

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