Skin Drink Luxurious Lotion Bar

$14.99 inc GST

Are you middle aged and older?

Then this non-oily moisturising skin drink bar is the solution for your arms and legs.

Our non-oily skin drink is designed for New Zealand conditions.

Where so many of the moisturisers don’t make an impact.

Our one does.

After 2-3 days of use the skin on your legs and arms will be transformed and so much more supple.

And it’s good for you!

Unlike every other moisturiser you buy which has a laundry list of factory chemicals….

Ours has:

Coconut oil (the main oil base in the bar. Coconut oil is so good for you, and so not greasy!)…

Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, lemon oil and lemongrass oil.

An amazing range of theraputic grade essential oils.

So you’re nourishing your skin with the time-tested essences of plants, and not some new invention with who-knows-what long term consequences.

This lotion bar smells so wonderful it’s like being in some native bush while taking a cool, long drink of your favourite fruit-blend smoothie…

It contains lemongrass oil that will keep the mossies and sandflies away when you’re sitting around the BBQ at night…

And it’s flying off the shelves of the retailers that carry it!

This is the absolute ticket to help you get your lovely skin back. So don’t muck around. Try it out!




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