No More Clothes Moth

$19.99 inc GST

You don’t need to let pesky clothes moth nibble holes in all your lovely woolen garments.

Our all natural clothes moth deterrent is very simple to use. It smells great, and it works fantastically.

And like all our other products it’s a safe,all natural recipe containing essential oils and other organic goodies.

How To Use

Each purchase comes with 3 of the pouches you see.

One pouch will protect an entire large drawer for 3 months.

And one pouch will protect all the clothes inside a clothes hanger bag.

Alternatively you can use a handful of them in a small cupboard to protect an entire space.

Just hang them from clothes hangers, and keep the cupboard door closed as much as possible.


A wonderful purchase for yourself, and an even better gift.

Like all our other additional products, buying this clothes moth will not increase your postage.



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