blog – other weevil solutions

There are some other solutions for weevils available, however none of them break the life cycle of weevils in your pantry.

Pheremone Traps:

These traps lure the male moths in to sticky fly paper. These traps are ineffective for many reasons.

1 – They only catch male moths.

2 – They can only catch the weevil at the end of its life-cycle. That means that the weevils will fully colonize and ruin your food before you catch them.

3 – If you bring weevils or weevil eggs home in the food you buy, those weevils will spread through your pantry. No More Weevils will stop introduced weevils creating their spider-web-like colonies

4 – Traps slowly decrease a population, but never totally remove it. Expect weevils to overcome your cupboard anway when the environment is right.

Spray & Wipe Products:

These products are designed to kill the weevil larvae that crawl on your cupboard’s bench space, and are therefore toxic.

No More Weevils does not kill weevils, because it is completely non-toxic. However it does break the life-cycle by triggering a flight response (“fight or flight”) in weevil larvae. With an open jar of the deterrent in your pantry, weevil larvae put no energy into colonizing your food.

Because spray products only kill larvae that touch your bench, they leave weevils to colonize in your food and only kill scouting larvae. Pantry moths remain flying around your pantry. And the decrease in weevil population is slow and small.

Sealing Food In Tupperware Containers: 

Weevils can eat through plastic up to a two or three milimetres thick, which is why people remove food from bags and put it into plastic tubs.

This method works for some people well but requires constant vigilance. Problems arise when you have containers with inferior seals, or when you purchase food with weevils already in it. In this case the weevils will colonize that one container.

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