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No More Weevils is an original deterrent recipe invented by Brigid Ormond of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The company is now run by Brigid and her son Johno.

We’re really excited to offer you a household pest product that isn’t bad for your health, and has very little impact on the environment.

No More Weevils is made from extracts of bark, leaf and flower matter. The manufacturing of the repellent solution leaves only organic and biodegradable waste behind.

Our company is one small drop in a growing global economy of future-thinking producers of consumer products. And by buying from No More Weevil’s and reading our informative newsletters you too are participating in this growing global economy.

Brigid is also a supplier of spray-free fruit, berries and herbs for wholesale/bulk. If this interests you, get in touch with Brigid today on the contact form below.

We thank you for buying a world first product, made in New Zealand. We look forward to keeping Weevil infestations out of your pantry, all year round.

Brigid Ormond

Brigid Ormond

Creator and Orchardist

Brigid Ormond is the inventor of No More Weevils. She is an ex-farmer who also runs a spray-free orchard in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Johno Ormond

Johno Ormond

Marketing and Sales

Johno Ormond lives in  Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  He’s interested in future-friendly solutions, and customer satisfaction.

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